Picture Recycling

I See What He Did There

 Studying Level: Asian

Wanna See Something: Spoiler Alert, It's My Penis

If Only Hipsters Came To This Realization

Actual First World Problem


3rd greatest game ever invented

right up there with "Smear-the-Queer".... (which if you remember playing Smear-the-Queer, it really made no sense and had no malicious intent for the twenty 11 year old kids participating)


Undercover Cop Poses as Student for 8 months Busts...

Happy Kitchen Candy Hamburger

Very seldom do oriental videos not make you question, "What exactly is going on over there?. This stunning display of scientific ingenuity, coupled with culinary arts, produces several opinions.

None more important than: are they sure the radiation from the nuclear meltdown is really the most harmful?

Cute level: expert

Great dog rescue story: